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    Gas furnace problem

    My furnce is cycling 5-6 times an hour and the house still feels cold , Brand new filter so that is not the problem . Here is what I have noticed during the cycles . The thermostat (digital) starts the draft motor , glow plug lights the burner and stays lit for approx 3 mins , just before the burner and draft motor turns off the blower starts to circulate air through the ducts . The blower runs for 30-60 seconds and shuts off . Shouldn't the blower run longer with the pilot on to blow hot air through the ducts ? . Everything seems to be working but the timing of the burner being lit/fan motor running seems to be to short . Could this be a thermostat problem ? . Lived here over ten years with no prior probs .
    Thanks for any responses .

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    If the stat is still calling for heat when the heater shuts off you have an issue you need someone to look at. Tough to tell you much more without looking at it and putting a meter on.

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    10 years and no prior problems...except the one you posted about on November 28... stinks that it happened today but you need to call a pro.

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