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    Installing a Rheem TST401MDMS thermostat

    I have a Rudd upflow 90K BTU Modulating furnance that I had installed last year. The furnace installer came with the contractor who did my renovations. He installed the furnace ok but I do not believe he knew what he was doing hooking up the T-stats and the dip switches. I would appreciate if someone could help. Looking at the schematic of the hook up is confusing because they show you two diagrams single stage and 2 stage with heat pump. RtoR, C-C, Y-YL, Y2 not hooked up with no hp, W2-WE jumped? connected to W on furnace, G-G, V-W2. Does this look correct. Also I have a 3TON AC unit connected. should the dip switches come set already? Thanks for all the help everyone.

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    If you do not believe the thermostat is connected correctly and not doing what you paid for then you should locate the name and phone number of your local rheem service tech. and give him a call. He should be able to check out your concerns and correct any problems. Have a blessed new year!

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    I agree, you should have a reputable Rheem or Ruud contractor come look. There is not enough information about the application to make any reliable comments. The dip switches need to be set. There is no "factory setting" the switches are for the contractor to set up. A switch is either on or off and has to be shipped in one position or the other and therefore cannot be confused with factory settings. The same holds true for the thermostat configuration.

    You'll rest easy and enjoy more comfort if you invest in a proper service call.

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