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    Quietside QVM9 series error code 13

    The homeowner is gone all week and home on weekends only . Error code #13 keeps shutting the unit down . The unit runs fine all week , and starts throwing the code when home owner arrives home . Its a small 1200ft house with 2 zones . Mixing valve on domestic side is currently on 4 which is hot .

    The code 13 in the manual says on page 35 Heating flow SWITCH failure , then on page 36 says under the same code "heating flow SENSOR failure . Now these are seperate components , and seem to be confused for one another in some trouble shooting information ive tried to dig up .

    Since the unit throws the code when homeowner arrives I have to believe that it has somthing to do with the domestic water side since thats the only variable that changes through-out the week . Although it has thrown the code on the weekend after the unit has been reset manuly without the use of the domestic side .

    The SENSOR ohms out correctly . Unit installed in june and problem started over last few weeks .

    Im going there tomarrow morning , but I'm running out of ideas .

    Upstae ny , average temp near freezing

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    Your not the only one with this problem. Ive found numerous problems with this unit. domestic flow switches are a big problem, they get stuck open. I found it to be a design flaw.. Also the heating flow switch gets stuck open also..
    If your heating water lines run above the inlet and outlet of the quietside, you must add external auto vents.. I found this eliminates any problem with heating flow switch closing properly and quickly before lockout occurs.

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    Considering the original post is 13 months old.

    I hope he has it fixed by now.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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