I have a 15 kw electric heat strip kit (HKR-15C) in my Goodman air handler (ARUF374316).

The Product Specs for the heat kit notes "Sequencers for better temperature control". What are sequencers and what does this mean?

The Product Specs also state "Control circuitry arranged to readily permit staging". I'm assuming that the staging is a function of the t-stat and it has to be capable of calling for staged aux heat. Yes/No?

I have been taking temps in the air handler with a Fluke meter w/thermocouple wire to check heat pump output temps on days of different outdoor temps. I have noticed that, when aux heat is called because I am bumping up the t-stat, sometimes I'll get a reading of 117F and sometimes I'll read 130F. The 117 makes sense - 93F heat pump air temp plus 24F from the 10 kw aux heat strips. The 130F would be the heat pump plus all 3 strips (15kw). My t-stat is a Honeywell 7500 (not a VisionPro). Is it staging the aux heat by going from 10 kw to 15 kw based on setpoint temp versus room temp?

I always thought, in a 15kw electric heat kit, that 10 kw was for auxillary (or defrost cycle) and 15 kw was for emergency heat.

Please educate me.