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    Martha'a vineyard mechanical engineer: ilon success yet port issues

    Thanks all for iLon 100 assistance. We now have a Sprint wireless port issue....

    Our iLon running on static IP DSL works fine, figured out that Verizon was blocking ports on dynamic IP DSL so we bailed on that connection. Comcast seems to work well in and out.

    Other project uses Sprint wireless connection to Kyocera router. To avoid port 80 drama we set iLon web port to 5555 and could see iLon webpage outside with no problems.

    I could also see the Circon Network Integrator via Remote Network Interface with no problem (iLon listens to port 1628) from outside.

    But I could not get the iLon to configure via the iLon 100 Configuration plug in utility from Circon - either outside or behind the router.

    All documentation seemed to state that appending IP with correct port number would route iLon to Circon.... but nothing worked.

    So we changed port on web connect for iLon to 80 and everything inside works great. Now we can connect the iLon to the Circon via the iLon Configuration utility.

    BUT, now that we are using port 80 to connect to the web, we can't see anything outside - seems like Sprint is blocking it!

    Any ideas on why choice of port other than 80 made a difference in connecting iLon to Circon?


    Brian Nelson

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    Are you using the iLON as the network interface or are you using something other? I'm not clear on what you mean by connecting to Circon? You previously state that you connect to Circon on port 1628, why not use that port here also? When you set up the Config Plug-in you do not have to append the port number if you are using 1628 as your RNI.

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    Let me describe this better:

    the ilon is my network interface to the Circon UHC300 using port 1628 - this part works fine.

    the ilon was connected to the internet via port 5555 for web and 1628 for remote network interface.

    I could see the ilon outside using the IP address with :5555

    I could see the Circon program and UHC300 through the remote network interface (ilon and port 1628)

    I could not configure the ilon to talk to the UHC300 - in the Circon iLon Config plug in I am asked for the IP address that the iLon is connected to.
    Nothing would work - the outside IP address with :5555, the outside address with nothing, the local IP address with :5555, the local address with nothing.

    I could not configure the iLon either outside the router or behind the router, with all IP address combinations - even though documentation suggests any port number is fine.

    It would either fail (saying check IP address) or time out.

    But we needed port 5555 to make sure the Kyocera router and Sprint wireless access would not block port 80.

    We then went into the router, changed the iLon web access to port 80, I went into the iLon setup security, changed to port 80 for web access, and rebooted.

    Then locally, the iLon config plug in worked perfectly! And we lost access to the outside ( I gather Sprint is blocking port 80)

    Was our 5555 port choice out of range? maybe try port 81?


    Brian Nelson

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    May be some sort of authentication issue.
    What sort of password structure did you use on the iLON?
    I don't have the plugin in front of me, but if I recall correctly there is some sort of soap authentication check box in the plugin connection dialog box; if you are password protecting the wsdl.
    Check in there.

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    The correct address if you are not using Soap authentication is:
    The outside address:web access port#

    I have used various ports but mostly below 2000 without any problem.

    "There are 10 types of people in the world.. those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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