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    35 years in the trade............. .never saw this one before haha

    I lost a building to some yahoo..........
    2 years later an individual tenant called me back and promised to pay the call........
    I looked into the furnace room's about 6 ft wide by 8' long with 2 residential style furnaces where I installed 2 small water cooled splits......can't walk in because (((((((((((( the guy installed a air cooled condensing unit in the room)))))))))))) haha......yep believe it or not the thing was running and cooling the upper floor air handler ....the old overheating condenser fan motor wailing away in this lil room... lol the only reason it was continuing to run was all the doors had been open to let out the "hot air".......heehee.......... now I've seen everything. I think I'll be getting the building back!

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    I was called to a computer room in an office building. It was the 8th floor. VAV sytem in the building. Someone had installed an air cooled 5 ton packaged unit above the ceiling.It was in a sealed Halon protected area. It had about 10 inches from top of unit to concrete of the next floor. What a mess.

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