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    Andover controls and Infinet

    Help appreciated.
    Can anyone tell me what the protocol Infinet is? Proprietary, LON, etc?

    Also, what integration capabilites do CX9680, BCX 9680 and CX9900 modules have? I am looking to integrate with a native BACnet system but do have LON capabilites.


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    Its a proprietary rs-485. There are AX Tridium Drivers for the infinet comm. I am sure there are other solutions as well.


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    Thank you

    Thanks freddy-b.

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    Do you have an OPC client option? If so Andover has an OPC server that can be added. There is also a 3rd party Andover OPC server that works pretty well and is cheap. I don't remember where we found it but I'm sure I could dig up the info if needed. There is also an Andover Xdriver that says it supports BACnet Ethernet (non-IP) and BACnet/IP but I have not tried it.

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    You may want to look into the NC2 Controller with a Xdriver

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