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    Ingersoll-Rand rating affirmed on Trane acquisition

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    Given the size of Trane, any controls company trying to acquire Trane will have a serious organization restructure which hurts its existing power tree. I guess that may be the reason why no controls company wins.

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    Are heads going to roll soon?

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    Maybe other control companies don't want to be in the control business.

    The article indicated that IR would have to concentrate on debt reduction, which might mean that they aren't able to make investments in new products and technology. That could hurt Trane.

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    Hey can they move classes to Bermuda instead of Minnesota?
    eventu rerum stolidi didicere magistro

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    They purchased Hussmann (supermarket equip.) about 5 years ago.

    Ask anyone that woks there , they will restructure it all.

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    I work for a franchise office and will wonder what will actually be the end result. Althought the bid is official it is not in effect or final yet. It's supposed to be approved/finalized in the end of the first quarter or begining of the second of 08. The one thing I wonder is how much can IR actually change Trane operations as just the "Trane division" is substantially larger than the rest of IR divisions combined. Trane was supposed to start releasing a new line of controlls in 08 and I wonder if that will actually follow through now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NedFlanders View Post
    They purchased Hussmann (supermarket equip.) about 5 years ago.

    Ask anyone that woks there , they will restructure it all.
    Read abs opinions on the very same subject in the commercial forum. I think he would agree with you.
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