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    Air Return Advice

    I have a air return located in my living room which feeds into the open space under the stair well. My thermostat is located right above the air return vent and I believe that cold air from this vent keeps my thermostat running too much. Is this a possibility? Thanks for any advice!

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    First, locating a thermostat in the general vicinity of the return air is considered an ideal spot. However, if the t-stat is being cooled by a draft, then the spot either isn't so good or more to the point, the source of the draft should be determined and eliminated. If your return air grille is vented into a void under the staircase and not directly connected by ducts to the return air plenum, then it's likely you have both an unhealthy, as well as expensive return air set-up. It's unlikely the void under the staircase is airtight and more than likely leaks, though indirectly, to other unheated areas of the home and this is the source of the cold air. Cold air infiltration is unacceptable from voids in the home. I'd recommend a couple of things. #1, a blower door test to define all the leaks in the home so you can establish a plan and prioritize tightening up the home; #2, have a professional sheet metal company come in and make that return set-up directly tied into the return trunk/plenum.
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    Thanks for the advice. It does seem that the air return going into the staircase is a void area and not tying back into the duct work.

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