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    Lonmaker Synchronisation Query

    Could anybody give me some guidance?

    I have Lon maker Turbo edition and have to make some amendments to a small network fairly soon.
    I have been supplied with an old database backup which I am fairly certain is not exactly identical to the present state of the network as it is.

    My concern is that performing a Resynchronization does not allow the present state of the network to update the database which now resides in my laptop, and if I were to do this I may lose some bindings and configuration data that are within the network at present. The options in the resynchronize Lonmaker Drawing seem only to allow a synchronization of the network to the database and not the other way around.

    I am sure I need to update my database to the network condition. The only way other way seems to be a network recovery. Is this the way to go?

    Incidentally there is no other database on this network. It has been installed and commissioned by another company some time back (now ceased trading) and left to operate standalone with Honeywell XL50's as a means of operator access.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Besides starting over, Recovery may be your only option. However, succesful recovery is dependent upon a healthy network. Chances are there may be communication issues that may cause trouble. I'd stick a protocol analyzer on each channel and check bandwidth and error rates first. If Recovery is succesful, all the names for the devices, function blocks, and nv's will be programmatic and may be difficult to understand what they apply to. I hope you bid it on a T&M basis.
    good luck!
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    If the network isn't "healthy" by analyzing it you can also tell the customer you will have to attempt to make it better with proper terminations, etc... before attempting that recovery.

    The good part about that is your results can be identified by comparing before and after logs on the network.

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