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    Thinking about going hotside all the time

    I currently do HVAC\R and commercial kitchen, Im thinking of moving to GCS and dedicating all my time to hotside repair. Ive been at it for nine years, would this be a bad decision?

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    Used to work there its not bad, just did'nt like the quota or evaluation system they had. If you didn't replace enough parts then your numbers were bad, they didn't like that. Had one guy who replaced more compressors than you could shake a stick at, he always had good numbers.
    So you didn't ask, what you though was a stupid question. Now how, are you going to tell the boss about your stupid screw up?

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    i used to work there to. got some good exp. the bennifits were good but i did not like the fact that where i was on the east coast they were dispatched out of the midwest. used to criss cross my tracks all day other than that they were ok. for instance, sent to a call to replace a light fixture that had just come in and on the way passed a call that came in the day before for a walkinn freezer down.(customer ended up calling someone else) and they used to say the next call is right by where you are....yeah 40miles away. oh also i don't remember them being strictly hotside. go for it. if nothing else its just more exp on the resume

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    I enjoy working on the hot side as well but not enough to only do that. go with what you love so that work is not such a chore.

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