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    Carrier Heat Pump all Iced over

    I have a Carrier 38YKB036300 Heat pump that continually Ices over in the winters (I live in western Oregon, an area of mild winters but very wet) after many service calls (with no results) This winter I have resorted to manually defrosting the coils by switching to supplemental heat and or turning the AC on for a few minutes. Lately I have noticed that the AC doesn’t all ways come on, it seems intermittent (when set on the thermostat to do so the blower runs but the air comming out of the ducts is not cold, compressor not running)......I suspect that the reversing valve may be stuck and be the root of the problem. Any idea if this is a common problem with this model unit and what it will cost to replace the valve if it is?
    I assume that this procedure requires breaking into the refrigerant seals, so I know I need to find a competent technician, not easy in my area.

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    i find it amazing as to the fact the only competant techs in this country are only on this board. I agree there are a few techs that realy should be pumping gas but for the most part this trade is full of competant techs that know far more then a lot in here find one
    call arround till you find a company the services heatpumps. Chances are your reversing valve isnt your problem

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    If you can defrost it by turning it back to cool mode then your rev. valve isn't bad. More than likely it will be the defrost stat or the cir. board. As stated a competent co.

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