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    Honeywell Evision Xl10 need help…

    Honeywell Evision Xl10 need help…
    I have 2 pipe system and I’m using the evision to configure the XL10s but I have one problem that I don’t know how I’ll do it in care or evision or …? To let the zone manager decide for each xl10 if it is heating or cooling in other words to switch between summer and winter as the system is just 2 pipe not 4 pipe any one have an idea plz help me

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    Need a little more info here, like what are the XL10's controlling? Are you asking how to write the logic or just how to do the steps with Care and Evision?

    If you are asking about the logic i have done some two pipe systems in care. If you are using care 7 i could send you the project and you could look at the logic. Basically you just need to look at outside air temp and set a changover setpoint based on this. Make sure you put some safety logic in there to prevent sending hotwater through your chiller when you transition from winter to summer mode. Same would be true for the boiler if it does not have a hotwater bypass.
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