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    heat recovery unit?

    I am trying to research different brands/models etc. of what I thought was called a heat recovery unit. I am building my own home and want to use the waste heat the ac unit produces to assist water heater. What is it called? And any advice?
    thanks, Brix

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    I would just buy a more efficient unit or a tankless. I know that Carrier will void all factory warranties if they find (which they probably never will) it hooked up to their units. I've installed many and for the most part, the results are good. But their have been a few that weren't so good. When it comes time to change out your equipment down the line. You will be charged more to hook it back up than to just change out the unit without it. I personally wouldn't put one on my house, but to each their own.

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    Thumbs up Hot Water Heat Pump

    Quote Originally Posted by brix View Post
    a heat recovery unit. ... What is it called?
    Desuperheater, but also consider Solar or

    HWT heat pump maybe the most appropriate equipment is as shown in following links based on your specific locale.
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