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    purchase a thermopile boiler.

    Anyone know who makes a decent priced powerpile, or thermopile (whatever you wanna call it) boiler for reasonable prices? My power went out last winter for a few days and I wanted one ever since. I'd like to just pipe in a couple of the living room and the kid's room....Just so we can stay warm if it happens again. Thanks

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    As far as I know, nobody makes one. Don't you miss the old days?
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    I'm assuming that you're thinking of building a gravity flow system here. If not then you're still going to need power to run a circulator.

    Assuming you're doing the gravity system: then get a standing pilot boiler and a power converter that'll handle the 120V needs of the boiler (very minimal without the circulator). On a good sized car battery you should be able to get a day or so of run time.... if not you can always charge the battery back up with the car.

    Do lots of research as to how to plumb a correct gravity system.

    If allowed by code, you might be able to use a standing pilot water heater as your heat source.
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    Have the electric line for youor existing boiler converter to a regular 120 plug.
    Then go and buy a small generator.
    When the power goes out, fire up the genny. Cost lees then a second boiler and piping.

    PS: Keep the generator out of the house.
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