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    Bringing Carrier into Niagara

    I've got some large RTUs that the customer is using a DOS Service Tool to access. There is also a Trane BCU with more TRane rooftops. My questioin is more about the Carrier units. One or two units have a 6400 module in it but one has a OEM circuit board running the unit (50EK). Ripping out the 6400 would be easy but the board I am not sure about. Without it I think I would have to control EVERYTHING (I think it is doing unloaders and condenser fans) I am comparing trying to integrate with a Jace or replace with our brand. Is the CCN just a regular RS485 I can tap off the Jace? Are the drivers public? Any thoughts helpful. I think putting in a JAce now would make the Trane integration easier later.

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    I was looking at a similar project a couple of weeks ago. The CCN is a proprietary serial network. Carrier makes a board to covert CCN to BacNET or LON. The local branch here was going to charge ~$4,000 per unit. FieldServer also has a product, but I didn't inquire into its cost. I saw somewhere that there is a CCN driver for Niagara, but I'm not sure if it was for R2 or AX. I've asked my local branch about it, but I've only recieved a deer in the headlights look. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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    If the board you are talking about is the one on the Carrier 50EK's, I too have a customer with those. Yes they use some old DOS program, and we too have not found a work around. Our only reason for this is that the board does do unloading and allows us to do supply air reset by sending a signal from our controller into that board. If you want more info on the reset function let me know.

    We have not dug deeper into this because the cost get rid of the board is much higher than finding a work around. The boards are about $700 each.

    I'm sure there is someone out there that knows a work around, or could figure it out.

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    Carrier have a OEM agreement with Niagra, and use a product called [LIST=1]
    CarrierOne, so they do have a CCN driver but I don't know if it's available for purchase individually.I don't know much about it but perhaps AUSCCN can shed more light on it for you (if he reads this).

    If you want to use the BACnet or LON gateways then you need one for each Carrier Controller and it can transfer up to 60 points (AV or BV) The LON gateway is more strictly defined into what points are available.

    The Fieldserver uses the old ascii data transfer, and on top of that you also need a Carrier Dataport or DataLink module which is now obsolete.

    The other option that Carrier wants everyone to start moving towards is the I-VU which is very similar to the ALC LGR Integrator. You will need a Carrier Tech to program it and set it up for you, unless you decide to buy the software which will be very expensive at this stage, and unless you are familiar with ALC stuff then forget it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grgjohno View Post
    Carrier have a OEM agreement with Niagra, and use a product called CarrierOne
    Can you tell, if it's R2 or AX based?

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    CarrierOne is a CCN driver for the R2 product only. Contact your local Carrier Branch for purchasing. If you needed to bring it into Ax, then you could use either bacnet or obix to integrate from R2 to Ax.

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    All these answers are right, Carrier does still have a CCN driver for Niagara (R2 only) which would have to be purchased from a local office. I-Vu is in 2 flavours, i-VU 3.1 which uses the ALC ME-LGR platform as a gateway/integrator and the newley released i-Vu 4.0 which is a small web server running Linux OS (nice unit). This can expose CCN points to BACnet IP. The version 3.1 will be upgraded to a new series sometime next year and will be called i-Vu 4.2 (as far as I know).

    The BACnet gateways are available for each seperate peice of equipment but if the local office is going to charge you $4K I think that is a bit rich!!!

    Depending on how many contollers are required to be connected too depends on what platform would be the most cost effective. If you want to go BACnet then i-Vu is the go (Its not that friendly with LON), if you want to go LON then the Niagara R2 driver would be the go.

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