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    Good question. Once I figure out the size I need, I'm going to pull the trigger and buy a furnace. I think I definitely want a two-stage, but I'd love some guidance about brands. I keep seeing Goodman advertised...claiming to have the best warranty, etc.

    How do you folks feel about Goodman? What about other brands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by regis101 View Post
    What are the brands that you do prefer?
    Trane / American Standard / ( I-R )
    Carrier / Bryant
    Lennox / Armstrong

    Rheem / Ruud



    .. much of equipment selection is based on Particular need/product, Familiarity, Warranty and Support

    .. take your pick

    Equipment is 40% of the project. ... Installation is 60%

    Bid three or four mechanical contractors and
    throw out the lowest bid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dan sw fl View Post
    Equipment is 40% of the project. ... Installation is 60%
    Amen to that brother. This I (now) know

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    oops. I tried to copy and paste a chart from a consumer reports repair history. I typed in, consumer reports furnaces, and hit search.

    But me no howz. Anyway, it had American Standard as least, then Rheem, Trane, Ruud, Bryant, carrier, Heil, York, Amana, Lennox, Tempstar, and Goodman in that order. The margin was slim but nonetheless.

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    Reiterate previous responses. Yes a new furnace will be much more efficient...but you MUST do all of your insulating/windows/structure improvements first. As previously stated, a proper heat gain/loss can't be done until we/they can determine infiltration rates/ R values/etc. If you buy a new 90+% variable speed dual fuel system @ 100kbtu and have it installed in a what will be in the future an overinsulated energy star home, you will probably still be oversized... causing assorted other short cycling, shortened equipment life, high humidity etc. A variable speed system along with the structural efficiency changes you propose would go a long way toward solving your stratification problem... but read previous posts first.. If you are not done with the insulation and windows, you are not ready for a new furnace. Oh yeah.. It's perfectly reasonable to join for only one question... I think that's why we are ALL here.. doesn't mean it will be your last. And you have asked nothing but reasonable questions ...IMO.
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