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    Fault codes for RUUD rooftop?

    i have a 6yr old roof top and the board is flashing 3 times does anyone know what it is?

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    need more information

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    Quote Originally Posted by triton5150 View Post
    i have a 6yr old roof top and the board is flashing 3 times does anyone know what it is?
    Well could be a limit open, but thats just a guess you should call a service tech. out.
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    when i turn on the thermostat the draft inducer comes on and 3 seconds later the blower comes on. the gas valve never opens and the blower and draft inducer wont shut off until you turn off the thermostat. previously i had to jump the limit switch in the blower compartment and it would fire. i tapped the limit litely a couple of times and it worked for 2 weeks. then it would not fire during the day but only at night. so i figured i needed to get a new limit switch. i now jump the limit and the blowers run and the gas valvle wont open and the board flashes 3 times.

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    read site rule DIY
    please do not jump any safety call pro .
    you may end up this
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