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    Two story Two furnaces What temp?

    I just bought a two story house and have two heaters one up, one down. No one sleeps upstairs, So it really isn't that important to keep it as warm at the down stairs.

    Typical day Upstairs set at 66 deg and reads 71
    Down stairs st at 69 deg and reads 69

    How do you equalize the temp in the house or atleast keep the right balence so one heater isn't working all the time?

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    where heat goes ? up

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    guess they better start sleeping upstairs! Or put a big door at the top of the steps!

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    What is the problem with one furnace doing all the work, if it can keep the house warm?
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    You have a two zone system, using equipment as the zone controls. The purpose of a two zone system is to give even temperatures, upstairs and down, summer and winter (if there's AC attached). What you're trying to do is to create two DIFFERENT thermal zones within the treated envelope. Unless you have insulation between the first and second floors and unless you have weather tight doors between the first and second floors, your ability to have a cooler temperature upstairs is not very likely. Heat rises and so by turning down the upstairs t-stat, the heat from downstairs just floods to the second floor and the first floor furnace does the job. That is, until the outdoor ambient gets down and dirty. When the OAT drops down into the teens or colder, it's likely the first floor furnace will be unable to heat the place and the second floor unit will run too. But having the second floor cooler than the first will likely upset your comfort on the first floor as that furnace tries but fails to heat the entire home. Again, two zones are there to give EVEN temperatures throughout the home, both first and second floors, not different temperatures. The house simply isn't designed for that.

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