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    Confused Noise from Heat Pump/Furnace or Ductwork

    Just moved into a new townhouse

    A Tempstar IIS 90 was installed along with a Goodman Heat Pump GSH 1303

    The noise from the cold air return as well as when the furnace is operating sounds like I am a passenger on 747 with the engines running.

    Is the duct work sized differently if you have furnace with a heat pump versus no heat pump.

    When the furnace is operating the air that is pushed up into the house makes excess noise.

    Should a furnace with heat pump be any noisier than a furnace without one.


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    Furnace with heat pump,commonly called dual fuel or hybrid heat, shouldn't be noisier.

    Duct sizing for a furnace only ,could be smaller than with cooling or a heat pump,depemds on the size of each,which depends mainly on your location.

    Return noise is likely due ,in part to the return grille being located close the the furnaces blower compartment.If so there are some solutions for that noise.

    System could be set for higher air flow than required causing noise as well.

    Post all model numbers,describe ducts fron furnace to return grille,post pics if you can,for more comments.

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    the best approach would be to call a pro. there can be to many variables we cant see or hear
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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