I have a Scotsman SCE170 under counter ice maker that is driving me crazy.

It makes a perfect evaporator plate of ice in 21 to 23 Minutes (within spec) goes into harvest where it should drop in about 2 minutes. It does not drop, the ice will hang onto the evaporator for the entire harvest (7min) by then most of it will be melted. Then the unit comes out of harvest what is left of the ice is so small it falls into the water trough.

Both the water drain (purge) valve and hot gas solinoid operate, you can hear the ice crack soon after the unit goes into harvest. It just will not let go of the ice, if I try to pull the ice off the evaporator at 4 to 5 min into the harvest it is still stuck and will not come off as 1 sheet.

I am thinking the plating on the evaporator is shot and that's why the ice is sticking. Anyone have any ideas, anything I have missed???