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Thread: Therm vs CU. FT

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    Therm vs CU. FT

    my gas company sells gas by the cu ft. im trying to use this page to see how much cheaper my heatpump is over gas

    here is what i pay for gas

    how much do i pay for a therm?
    my heatpump is a 8.2 HSPF is it more like a 220% or more like a 300%
    thanks chris

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    1 cubic foot = 1,000 BTU/hr
    1 therm = 100,000 BTU/hr or 100 CFH

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    You do have to know the BTU content of your local gas. For a long time, ours was 910 BTU per cubic foot. Now they've finally gone to the standard of around 1000 per. Some areas it is more than that. I believe that Rheem sizes it's orifices for 1075 BTU/cu ft gas. Had some problems back when we were real shy on heat.

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