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    New install - scratched up

    Ok, got my brand new Carrier 58MVB, HP and infinity controller installed. I am really happy with the install job overall, but the back of the furnace and the coil cabinet have several long and fairly deep scratches running from nearly the top to the bottum. It looks similar to a car that had been keyed. It appears that sheet metal slid down the back of the cabinet during the install. There is also a deep "ding" in the face of the media cabinet door. Are these scratches going to be prone to rusting?

    There was a dent in one of the HP panels that the installer pushed out while here. I was satisfied with that.

    If you were buying a car, you may expect a few dings and scratches in a used Yugo, not in a new Mercedes. I bought the new Mercedes of HVAC equipment.

    I don't want to make a big deal if these type of things happen during every install

    I have purchased the service contract with the contractor and want to maintain good relations. (kind of like, not sending food back at a restaraunt.)

    I guess I'm asking, should I be upset about this. I know it won't impact function, and its only a furnace, but...

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    sometimes they do get scratched a little when installing, we like to see them never get scratched, as far as the rusting i guess that would depend on if it installed in a wet/ damp area or in a dry basement

    call the contractor that installed it and ask him, most of us dont get upset over a question or 2
    you spent a lot of money on that system and deserve to know anything you want to know about it

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    ask for a manager to come take a look, he may compensate you with some type of free service or something. It was probably done during the process of getting it through the attic access. The scratch means nothing but its just the principle that matters.

    good luck

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    if i bought a new mercedes and they delivered it with a big @ss scratch down the side of it they would be getting it back........

    since we are only talking about a furnace that nobody is ever going to see i would contact installer and voice your concerns but not make a big deal over it.

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    A light scratch

    here and there would be no big deal, anything worse and we take it back to the shop and pull another one. Have had a few that were fairly noticeable and made a deal with customer for a little money off. If it doesn't hurt the functionality of the unit...and you can save a few bucks...keep it.

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    Without seeing the unit and the install it is impossible to say one way or the other.
    We try to get them in without any scratches or dents, but sometimes it is impossible to squeeze the unit where it needs to go without a scratch or two. I'd be more concerned if it were a corner or something dented from a drop, but call the installing contractor and voice your concerns. I have changed a few panels over the years because of damage that I didn't think should have happened during the install.

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    Wide open area

    I can't seem to get any decent pics. Just as info, the install is in a wide open basement area with a walk out sliding door. I could understand some damage if it had to squeeze thru an attic hatch or down a stairwell. It would also be less bothersome in the attic where I wouldn't walk by it daily.

    I guess I would have appreciated if the installer had just pointed it out and said, sorry this happened, instead of just ignoring it.

    Thanks for the input. I will mention to the owner and see if a good faith gesture is made.

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    Wow, if you didn't mention the brand of furnace I would have thought you were a customer I have.
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