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    Microzone DPC to UNC

    Does anyone have a formula for working out which input is on? In the microzone you set a DPC 3 point card up feed it to a reset that then sends it to 5 stage block. If input 1 on the card is on stage 3 will be on if input 2 is on stage 4 is on if input 3 is on stage 5 is on. That is all great except I have no open window blocks to send to the UNC. So... I am in need of a formula for the actual analog value. Anyone have an idea what the values amount to? And how they are formulated?

    Any information is appreciated.


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    You are incorrectly decoding the DPC. With your method, if inputs 1 and 2 are made, you won't know which one is made because the sequence block is sequenced above both.

    If you have spare "DOs", you may use them to pass data to the "ZONE2" block. You may also use "AOs" and "WINDOW AVs". These will pass as "0" for "OFF" and "100" for "ON". People sometimes forget that you may point analog to digital and visa versa in MicroZone Panels.

    I have proper decoding logic and the actual resistance values if you need them. Email me at and I will shoot them to you. Good luck. I hope this was helpful.

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    Thanks for the fast reply and info. Sent you an email. MZ is overloaded with only 1 free DO, no AO's no window values what so ever.

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    DPC3 copper input
    249.4 bad,
    221 open,
    187 is 1,
    153 is 2,
    85 is 3,
    18 is 1&2,
    15 is 2&3
    -20 is 1&2&3,
    -31.2 is short

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