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    Hoshi 450 flaker

    Had a call on a hoshi flaker, found the plastic spout flange broken and it was pukin ice everywhere. Figure that the bin control switch went south and it didn't shut off. These are magnetic proximity switches? Anyone had problems with these switches sticking or not making contact? I know water quality is a big factor with these units at least on the cubers, so I suspect this condition must carry over?
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    I haven't had the proximity switch give me problems. The float valve and the dump valve seem to be the most common problems. You could always add a bin stat as a safety precaution.

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    I haven't seen a bad switch. Someone may have over tightened the cover screws. They look tempting to put a wrench on them but they are only thumb screws.
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    Had the same problem with one. The dispenser door flap would not close at times dropping ice everywhere. One of the springs on the flaper door broke, replaced all the springs. Had fun trying to remember how it all went back together thou. Mine had a long time delay In the proximity switch from the time made to shut down atleast three minuets.

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    i also had a spring break on the door flap aswell, i just replaced the whole door assembly.
    i repair as little as possible and replace with new on pretty much everything i work on to cut back on call backs :P

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