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Thread: clean air

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    Tell you what genesis I will get my facts straight when you learn how to spell.... My OPINION based on FACTS is the Pure Air is better than the Clean Effects.
    Particulate removal is outstanding when the Clean Effects is brand new. After that it drops significantly.
    How many people do you actually think want go into their crawl space every month, pull and clean the filter, let it dry and re-install??
    Maint. on the Pure Air is a Media replacement once yearly, with the remainder being changed out up to 2 year intervals.
    The Pure Air also is one of the only air cleaners that removes Voc's, particulates and odors.
    O-zone production is 0.0 , ozone is a known lung irritant, which the Clean effects produces.

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    Recall is due to a potential fire hazard. No fires have been started.

    Get the facts. Quit posting false claims.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLDC View Post
    Tell you what genesis I will get my facts straight when you learn how to spell...
    Now that is funny!

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    Sorry PDLC for the spelling hard to type and read on a blackberry and drive 75 on I 10

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