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    Quality Service Pricing Flat Rate Guide

    I bought this set-up about 15 months ago for over $2000. It is considered last years model and I can have it updated for $90.00 a month. You can not, but you can purchase the two books and companion CD for $105.00 plus shipping (which will be $15.00???) This will be a most excellant intro to flat rate pricing without putting out a lot of cash. The books were set up for Rheem and Goodman, but the computer program will allow you to overide and put in your own equipment costs. The books are set up for down south so there is no, I repeat, no gas furnace stuff. A lot of bogus black pipe nipple, etc. stuff tho.

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    My cell phone number is 239 304 6767. Please leave a message if you are interested. I also have Charlie Greer Sales Survival School book for $50.00. The seminar price was $1500.This is another most excellant way to learn about something before spending a lot of money. It is not the same as attending, but you will get the idea. Then you decide!

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