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    Buzzing sound from Humidifier

    I recently tunred on my humidifer, it is connected to my furnace. For two days it was fine, now I am hearing a constant buzzing sound when it is on. When I turn it off, the sound goes away.

    I believe it is an aprilaire, not real sure. It is 4 years old and still seems to work fine.

    Any ideas what the probelm might be?



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    I don't know
    Is this a flow-through unit?

    What you're hearing is most likely the valve solenoid coil vibrating (At 60hz alternating current); if it's intolerable, call someone out to check the connections and replace the valve if necessary.

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    Yes it is a flow through unit and now that I look at the schematic the buzz is coming from the soleniod. It won't cause any problems until I get it replaced will it? Do I have to get it replaced?


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    Ive had several flow thrus this year w/buzzing solenoids. 90% of them was no water flow to the solenoid. Plugged saddle valves.

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    Is this something that I can fix or do I need a professional?



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