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    Trane XL19i or Lennox XC-16-060?

    We live in Tucson AZ in a 2250 Sq Ft. home built in 1971. The current "Day & Night" system needs to be replaced - original equipment. Any words of advise on the two units that we are considering? Thanks! Ken C.

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    My Tucson experience

    Just had an XL19i installed. Would be happy to share my experiences with you.

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    Make sure you find a good contractor before worrying about equipment. Also make sure you get the correct-sized system for your home.

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    The quotes we have received are from contractors that I have delat with in my home restoration business. They have also given an option for a Carrier Infinity 17 SEER - but recommended the Lenox over Carrier. The Trane quote was from another contractor.

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    I would say the Trane, but if you want the other contractor to do the job go with the Carrier.
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