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    Am I getting what I am expecting?

    I have received a a quote for the following and I was wanting to find out if I am getting what I am expecting to get:

    Condenser: American Standard Allegiance 13 3.5 Ton; Model 2A7A3042A1000A

    Furnace: American Standard Freedom 80 High Efficiency Single-Stage; Model AUD1C080A9H41B

    Coil: American Standard Standard Comfort Coil; Model 2TXCB048BC3HCA

    My expectation is that none of this equipment is "builder grade" and based on my internet research it isn't, however I am looking for confirmation. I know there is nothing wrong with builder grade, it's what has been running in my house for 30 years, but I want to make sure I am comparing apples to apples when judging price. The installer is coming out Wednesday.

    aggie98 from San Antonio

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    This doesn't fall into the category of "builder" to me. The 7B outdoor unit and the AUE furnace would.

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    No R410a refrigerant? From the American Standard website, they are the lowest on the list (contemporary products), but I still do not consider them builder grade as Trane/American Standard makes premium products. BaldLoonie mentions the 7B outdoor unit, which I haven't even heard of, but I'm assuming it is American Standard's "builder model."

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    These are builder grade. You have R22 refrigerant, 13 SEER & an 80% AFUE efficiency furnace. Those are the required minimums. If you are looking for high efficiency equipment it should be R410A & 16 SEER for the condensing unit and at least a 92% efficiency condensing furnace.

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    Thanks for the prompt responses. Based on what I am hearing I am getting what I am expecting, which is a 13-14 seer no frills, quality unit. While I would like the system that hvacconsultant suggested, a 410a,16 seer, 92% AFUE system, it's out of my price range and I can't justify the cost. Living in San Antonio I have no need for a high efficiency, aka 90+% AFUE furnace as it is only on from December - February, but I do have need for a high efficiency blower, which is why I selected the 80% single stage high efficiency. As for the 410a versus R22, my wife and I decided up front that if we could swing it we would get the 410a, but it would depend on the cost.

    Thanks for the responses I have already received and feel free to comment more,

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    Your situation is understandable. Trane/American Standard is definitely premium in my opinion, no matter which models you choose. I hope you have a good contractor. Best of luck to you.

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