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    Question Trane XL19i or Carrier 17 Seer AC?

    Hi folks,

    I am a homeowner looking to replace 3 units with either Trane XL19i;s or Carrier 17 Seer Infinity R units. Your thoughts on which system I should go with would be much appreciated. The Carrier quote is more by a little but it involves more detailed duct changes etc. Both installers are very reputable and I have checked out references extensively.

    Thanks for any help in this matter.

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    The Carrier Infinity system has controls which tell you many more things than the usual thermostat does. I am a homeowner in S.Texas, have an XL19i and am quite happy with the machinery, but still envy the Carrier Infinity control.

    You might want to look up the actual SEER with the proposed size and equipment, you might find the advertised numbers are "best case" and not what you will get. For example my condenser/coil/fan combination yields 17.25 SEER in 3.0 ton size, I could get 19+ only with a particular coil and air handler. One thing I do appreciate about the 19i design is that 1st stage runs at 55% of the total capacity, that allows longer 1st-stage runtimes than would the 65-80% some others have. And efficiency in 1st stage appears to be nearly a third better than 2nd stage with the 19i, based on detail numbers for wattage and cooling output. So as a homeowner I really like Trane but also respect the Carrier Infinity series.

    I wonder why the Carrier quote has more in the way of duct changes than the Trane quote. I was not aware of any factor which would make the ducts different between the two. If I could get Infinity comparable controls with the Trane would consider it the best of both worlds.

    Best of luck -- Pstu

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    Trane L19i v/s Carrier

    Pstu, thanks for the response. I agree with you that either system would do a great job and the SEER rating beyond a point becomes more of a marketing tool than an achievable reality (in the home, not a lab). Both installers were extremely thorough and while the Trane rep recommended a 4T, 4T and 2.5T, the Carrier rep recommended a 4T, 3T and 2T with probably a little more involved duct additions and returns. Trane apparently has an 803 control that controls humidity as well but what I was quoted was an 802. I don't know if the 803 can control humidity settings like the Carrier can. I also plan to get the 80% AFUE furnace (2 speed variable) because like you we do not get that cold in the winter.

    Since this is a purchase one keeps for years I wanted to make the right one. thanks for your feedback. I really do appreciate it very much.

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    SEER to Trane

    Controls to Carrier

    Duct changes to Carrier and likely critial to the actual SEER you'll get,very few contractors understnad this.The fact that Infinity will display the "static"(duct's resistance to airflow),is likely why the Carrier gy knows more about this.

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    We sell and install both manufacturers systems,one little known fact is that the XL19i,with two compressors is a R-22 system.I probably will get some flak here but the Trane XL16i is probably a better match for your needs and should be less expensive.
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    If you are going that expense may I suggest a Westinghouse 23 SEER a/c with a 95% furnace, 2 stage burner and varible speed blower?

    Not only will you more on your utilities you'll have a kittle left over and the Govt. is allowing a $500 tax credit along with it.

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    We sell the XL16i over 19 any day,Like Inifinty have it in my home,Trane in my dad's and father in law because of trees and outdoor having cover.I like the fact that one guy looked at the ductwork,it seems without knowing your job,he realizes GREAT equipment to POOR ductwork does not make sense.
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