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    Problem with Trane gas unit

    I have a Trane TDE080A945L1 gas unit. Just lately it has started doing this...It goes though a normal call for heat cycle. Then about 15-20sec after it stops, the small motor(induction motor) starts running again and the bellows switch clicks a few times....It runs for a few min, then stops, then that same thing again, then off. Then on the 3rd or 4th time while it is running the gas burner kicks on and it starts, then blower comes on, runs for awhile then all stop. Wait about 20min or so then same scenario... We have had it about 4 yrs. It never did this until now. It has always just ran then cut off, then wait for a cool down, then gas kicks on and runs again. Not these intermediate induction motor runs in the middle...I have had a Trane service guy here twice @ $75 per call and then it won't do it when he looks at it.... Seems worse early am or night when colder.... Any ideas would be appreciated. I have considered replacing the thermostat myself(I am an electonics guy) just to see what that does....."

    Update....Last night, we had it set for 69....It would come on normal then after burner turned off and the blower was in the cool down part, the burner would kick back on and run for awhile, then off with blower still on, then burner would kick back on....this something different than the above...In the 4yrs, it has never acted this way. After house warms up in the morning it seems like it is OK. Lat night I watched for several hours and it just cycled normally. But then during the night it does this....
    I have taken the cover off and taped the safety switch to watch for a code, but so far nothing abnormal....

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    Hows the air filter.
    Do you have central A/C also.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    4 years old? You should still be under warranty. What you describe should be a easy fix for a qualified technician. Unfortunately we can not give diy or step by step instruction on the site.

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