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    Trying to find info on this animal...


    My first post here while searching for information about a unit I aquired that I am hoping I can use to update my heating system with.

    It is a Carrier Cursader 58ssc090

    Is this a Two Stage unit?

    I've looked at the schematics for it and it shows LO/HI fan terminals.

    This schematic is the same as mine I believe:

    If it is 2 Stg, then how does it go between LO/HI outputs?

    I've had it temporarily setup to run in my garage to test it, but have had it run nonstop for twenty minutes or more at a time by jumpering the R/W terminals and didnt notice it to seem to kick in higher at any time.

    I do have more questions, but think thats a good start.

    and here is a pic of the unit itself:

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    Please read the rules before further posting. No diy allowed on site.

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