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    Is this a job for an HVAC guy or an electrician?

    I'm loving my AS Heritage 16 / Freedom 80 dual fuel system. Especially with the Honeywell IAQ. Thanks to the help from this board my HVAC installer was able to get everything right the 2nd time.

    While I love my IAQ, but as others have stated, it is missing a really fundamental feature of letting me know what stage the HP or furnace is in. I was wondering if installing a strip of 4 leds that are wired to the EIM. One for each stage of the HP and furnace would suffice. I don't want DIY info, but wondering if this is something that would be best done by my HVAC guy or an electrician. I leaning towards an electrician since this is not a normal configuration. Just something a compulsive homeowner wants! What do you guys think?

    On as separate buy related question. I have been using the green led on the furnace board to see the CFM rate. While I can easily see the red trouble light on the board with the door closed (there is a plastic peep hole on the door), I can't easily see the green led. Is there an easy way to setup a way to see the green one with the door closed.


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    I'd probably want a well-qualified HVAC technician doing the work. I just don't feel comfortable with an electrician working inside the furnace to do this work (no offense - it's all a matter of expertise and experience).

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    HVAC ... just make sure he/she is up to speed on controls. as far as green light goes thats a timed light with the speed of the motor higher speed faster blinks to answer your question the tech might be able to piggy back a light off the board $$$$$$$ very sensitive. i never tried.

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