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    In your link, click on the 50's. 1958 is the key date. Mitubishi didn't introduce their ductless product for another ten years. Then in 1969, Daikin introduced the multi-port. 1982 brought the VRV.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve638 View Post
    What about brazing the connections coming out of the a/h to the line set??
    almost all ductless manufactures say no brazed connections anywhere. I've read in some manuals stating that flared should be used when installing at any connections, but brazed connections can be used for repairs or if absolutely necessary... But they stress that nitrogen while brazing is absolutely necesary. The smaller linesets and design of the expansion valves are very susceptible to the scale from oxidation while brazing. I belive it is the Sanyo or fujitsu manual that describes that in detail.

    I do a LOT of work on oil furnaces and learned a while ago to do perfect flares (one bad fuel oil leak will teach you). I have forgotten quite a few flare nuts before making the flare though. Nothing is worse than a piece of copper that barely reaches and forgetting the flare nut! Ouch.

    For ductless it really helps if you get the correct flaring block. and I have a quality standard flaring block for oil. The degrees are different. Learning the correct way to use the tool, how big to make the flare, and taking some scrap pieces and making a ton of practice flares is the best way to learn. And remember a little too small is better than too big. You need to use the copper to make the seal and if it's too big, cracked, or burred it will leak. I rarely get leaks since learning the correct way to do it but I do occasionally forget a flare nut.

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