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    Weird, but funny. <G>

    YouTube - The Firm - Star Trekkin'

    Quote Originally Posted by mark beiser View Post
    It's dead Jim.

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    "You already have what amounts to a "Super-boost" in your existing start cap."

    If its bad, and or the windings are weak - the existing start cap and circuit are nill or windings are weak - maybe I am misunderstanding the origonal question... I believe the question is do you hook up the hard start in the run or start circuit?. This is an assumption of mine that the compressor is not starting up in an efficient manor ( maybe not at all). So...

    I appologize in advance for any misunderstanding...

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    "My compressor will not start. The start capacitor was replaced. I was reading about a super boost. My system has both a start & run capacitor and a delay relay all build in.

    Since a super boost can/will have a delay relay built in it. Will this help to start the compressor?? I realize the compressor is old"

    Time for replacement.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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