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    Thanks! A 4 ton Amana

    Dear Dan,
    Thanks for all your help. That load calc was a big help. The Marvair quit at the worst time. I decided to replace my culverts since it was the dry season and wait on the AC. Then a week ago the Marv air died. I revived it for about a week.

    I got some more estimates. Since it is a stange install, the installer is more important then ever. I've gotten three estimates and the contracter I liked the best (his working with this install of swapping out the water to air and running the copper and electric) suggested a 3.5 ton single stage and a 4 ton 2 stage.

    I selected an 18 SEER Amana heat pump. He originaly suggested a 16 SEER but with the rebates the 18 was only $600 more. Since the house is so leaky and I am going to be in the house forever.

    The unit is:
    ASZ160481 Condenser (this is the 16 SEER but will be changed to the 18)
    MBE200AA-CAPF486006 Air Handler
    HKR-D5 5 kw heat strip

    I was only going to use a 5 kw heat strip since I have only 30 amps going to air handler now.

    Any comments?

    I is going to nice not to have to worry about that water any more?


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    % KW of strip heat is kind of small for a 4 ton HP.
    It won't do much to temper the air in defrost. Only about a 10* rise after teh coil cools it 20*. So in defrost, your unit could be blowing out 60* air.
    Contractor locator map


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