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    Quote Originally Posted by yorkdude View Post
    Yes, It did work Robo Man...Same Tonage,diffrent seer rating. We do work for a property mangement company at some apartment complex where its nearly impossable to replace the fan coils. My boss has me replace the condenser only (13 seer) . Do i think its the right way of doing things? No. I dont make the rules, i just do as im told. But it does work, we havent had any call backs. Pressures/temps are all text book.
    I didn't argue that it didn't work, I argued your stating that it worked great. Again; it may have worked but it did not work great. Please read my posts a bit more carefully if you are going to get upset over them., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
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    Hmm effiency

    Doc H - I agree with you totally - However if you read my post - I am using the word effiency in conjunction and as a word that describes capacity. Simply put, the capacity is severily effected in any case. This as stated in the journal as noted below. We are in fact saying the same thing. Somehow one can get confused with (working or not working) as opposed to effiency. They are the same. Effiency is a much better term for how well something works with the minimum amount of input. At one end of the spectrum of effiency - If a contactor has failed - It is no longer efficient

    Just a simple point. Thanks anyhow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidInAustin View Post
    With the exception of "Have to do jobs" - The efficiency will be shot - example, if it was a 4 ton unit - it may only be as efficient with roughly a 2.5 ton capacity. Even changing the TXV will only marginally help it. There is a wonderful article on this subject exactly, however I will have to search for it. In a nutshell - It doesnt work.

    I believe the article below mentioned was it - published in RSES Journal
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    Except installing a smaller outside unit like I mentioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Chances are the refrigerant level will have to be changed twice a year. TXV won't help, it's coil size that is the killer. The small indoor coil functioning as a condenser in the winter will need charge reduced for heating, then put back in for cooling. You can get by with mismatching for cooling only with large SEER loss and capacity loss and a TXV does help. But nothing can compensate for the small indoor coil.
    I have done this many times the system works fine, never have I had to add or subtract refrigerant.

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