A friend of mine purchased a trailer part one of the units has the model listed above and my first call was no heat on this electric furnace. It was the top 30 amp fuse blown, so I slipped in a new fuse and walah! Worked fine for about a week...So I got to inspecting and found that someone had been messing with the wiring and had one of the wires that was suppose to be going to a 40 amp fuse ( as this unit has 2 30'S and 2 40's) going to a 30 amp fuse among otherwiring issues as well, sooo I pulled all the wires and rewired everything to factory spec. checked all amp draws and everything was great!Problem fixed right? Wrong! A week and a half later had to come back, guess what same fuse with nothing but top strip running off it was blown yet again....Every thing is drawing what its suppose to for a week or more, nothing else is on the circuit, all wires are tidy and tight, pulled out strips they look great wire sized properly, new sequencer and limit installed, motor was new when unit was purchased. All I could do for now was I switched the upper 30 amp side of my top strip to my lower 30 amp fuse and the lower 30 amp fuse for the top strip to the upper 30 amp fuse... If the top fuse blows again I can only assume its the fuse block (although per my inspection looks great) Any thoughts on the situation? I appreciate it guys .....!