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    Clare Furnace Intermittent problems

    Hi all, hopefully you can provide some help to me on this...

    I have a Clare NG 70,000 BTU furnace that is about 13 years old.
    model #: HEMI 70 8D
    Code #: 2308M39
    Serial #: H0158535
    hot surface ignition
    new (2 days old) programmable digital thermostat that replaced what a tech said was a defective one.

    the problem started a week ago when after several weeks of the furnace working fine (worked fine last winter too), it was blowing continuously cold air. I checked it out and sure enough ... no flames.

    I was able to take it apart somewhat and sand off the flame sensor and I found that the hot surface igniter was cracked in pieces. I got a hold of a local tech and he replaced the HSI. Still no flames - so he checked out the thermostat and bypassed it - connecting red and white wires and everything seemed to work.

    So i replaced the thermostat. The furnace then worked for approx 1 day - off and on when it should, maintaining the temp in the house as programmed.

    Now this morning, i wake up to cold air blowing out of the ducts and the furnace mainboard is flashing a single flash indicating lockout. Turning off the power to the furnace for 1 min allowed the HSI to light, but again... no flames and the LED is blinking lockout again.

    Flame sensor need replacing? Or high/limit switch? Any help would be appreciated.


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    No DIY....please read site rules at top of page, you should have read them when you registered to post.
    If you had a tech in to repair your furnace, why are you not calling him back and why did you install a thermostat instead of him?
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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    ok, sorry my bad
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