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    Rerouting basement HVAC

    Hey all. Question for you here...

    When my townhouse was built the geniuses who put it in stacked the cold air return and supply line in one spot, making that one spot 6' in height only which will drastically affect my ability to finish my basement. I need to reroute.

    Here's what I want to do, attached as a jpeg. The top one is what I need to do (front view on top, then top down), the bottom one is what is in there now.

    Will this drastically affect airflow? I'll likely call an HVAC guy to come take care of it, I can do pretty much anything but ductwork I have no familiarity with.



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    Are you trying to go over a beam or something? Kind of hard to tell from the drawings. If you add more turns or length the duct size may need to change. Have your hvac company take a look to tell you what can and can't be done. More than likely a change can be made but its hard to tell from here.
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