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    Heat Pump with like readings on HI and LO

    As you can tell by my log in, I am new to the industry. Here ya go. A/S Heat pump not heating. 3 ton H/P, heat strip is coming on in heat mode. My readings on HI side is 125 and LO 109. Air temp at return 55 air temp at drop 62. My training came from OJT. PLS help.

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    either the pump aint pumpin or the reversing valve is not completely shifted.

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    in heat mode, remember the low side is the common suction port.

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    It may be tricky to a newcomer.. are you sure you have your hoses hooked up correctly?
    you want your low side gauge on the suction line between the reversing valve and compressor, there should be a port a few inches from the compressor on the suction side..
    Put your high side gauge on the larger "vapor" (suction in a/c) line.
    If you still experience like pressures.. switch it to a/c mode and put your gauges on the hi and lo sides and see if you get your difference or achieve a better compression ratio. If your still not pumping you may have shot valves or a bad reversing valve...

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