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Thread: sanyo ductless

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    When it turned out the Fujuitsu I got for a job wouldn't work, thanks to Dice's advice I switched to that Sanyo in the low ambient version. 120V in & out.

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    Hey everyone

    Im back from DC.. Install was easy.. i was just trying to see what voltages were. The guy i work with was saying that outdise was 115 volt and indoor was 240 volt. I set him straight first thing this morning when i showed him the manual / box the units came in.. Its just like wiring a normal a/c with disconnect box... Just need to get 14-3 wire for the terminal wires that go onto 1 2 3 .. Pretty much color coded... If i can find a resonable price i might get one for garage.. As far as our distributer customer / real esatate agent already had.. We just installed... Yea both units were 115 volts....

    like someone said earlier if the number ends with a 1 its 115 volt
    2 its 230 volt

    Well thanks everyone for replys... I think there are pretty easy.. no brazing or nothing.. still have to vacuum line set but how hard is that..

    Well again thanks everyone..


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    Just wondering, what would you have done if the unit did not work on start up?

    The problem with these units is finding someone to repair them. I have taken to only working on the ones I have installed. The folks who call me for service who used the other guy must agree to buy a service, maintenace contract with the repair or I will not do the call.

    I find these units installed in the most screwed up locations, some I will not venture to service. I kid you not, one was installed hanging from rope threaded through the holes in the mounting feet. The condenser was hanging out the side of a window the ropes were tied around a 2X4 nailed under the window sill. The line set and electric were coming through a wall sleeve from an old package terminal unit. The old units electric was connected to the condenser with the old power cord with a plug end.

    I collected a service call after I told the HO to shove a couple of 2X4's behind the unit, condenser air is hard to suck through a brick wall.

    Oh did I mention this unit is hanging out a 14th floor window over a busy center city sidewalk.

    The HO told me he got the unit installed for $500 by a guy from the nice!

    I did instruct the HO to change the ropes every year, although I think the line set and wiring would save it from hitting the pavement. I bet the unit would work fine just hanging by the piping and wiring.

    BTW how does one get the pictures off his new Nextel camera phone, into his computer? I got some real interesting pics saved on this phone.

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    sanyo does not want filter driers for the units. This will add a metering device to the system and cause the electronic metering device problems. If you need to dry out the lines install fliter dryer with bypass and ballvalves to isolate after cycling system. Hope this helps.

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