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    Furnace cycles to frequently

    My furnace seems to cycle to frequently , it is equipped with a induced draft motor and electronic ignition . Let me describe the problem I am having ( or not having ) . The induced draft motor runs for 2-3 mins , the igniter glows red and the burner lights . The draft motor continues to run , burner still lit , and the blower motor starts to circulate hot air through the ducts . About 20 seconds after the air starts to circulate the draft motor clicks off along with the burner . One minute after the burner clicks off the blower stops circluating air through the ducts . Does this sound normal ? . It cycles every 12-13 mins . It is not the filter as it is new . Is the burner supposed to shut off when the draft motor stops ? . The thermostat is a digital unit and I have owned the condo for 11 years and don't remeber the furnace cycling so often . Any help or suggestions would be appreciated , thank you .

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    You've got a problem, need to have it looked at. The draft motor should be on whenever the burners are on. Draft motor running for 2-3 minutes before furnace ignites may be excessive, most will ignite within 30 secs of draft motor coming on.

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    Some units do take better then a minute before the burners ignite.

    Whens the last time your furnace was serviced. Now might be a good time.
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    I would get the furnace checked out and service. what you are describing is not normal.

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