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    Problem with Air Temperature from One Vent

    I had a new a/c and heating system installed in August - Amana Condensing Unit (Model GSC140421), Amana Air Handler (model ARUF374316), 15kw heat strip, and Honeywell air cleaner. The ducting was also completely replaced. My townhouse has 2 floors 1700 sq. ft. total. Units are installed on roof and in attic. I live in Houston, TX and the cooling worked wonderfully, however, when I tried to use the heat a couple of days ago, while there is good air volume coming from the vent into the master bedroom (which is the closest vent to the unit) the air is lukewarm. The heat is great downstairs and acceptable in the other 3 vents upstairs. There are three ducts coming out of the distribution box 2 side by side from the side panel and 1 on top. The duct closest to the unit containing the heat strips is the one that leads exclusively to the vent which is receiving lukewarm air. I had the installer come back to check the unit and he changed the “air balance” but it did not make any difference to air temperature coming from the master bedroom vent (just slightly more air volume). He told me that there is nothing more that can be done, and that my only option is to keep all the doors open upstairs and let the warm air circulate in there (this does not work as 2 of the 3 other upstairs vents are tiny bathroom vents. I was referred to your site from a heating & a/c forum in Village GardenWeb and would be very grateful if you have any suggestions which might help in fixing the problem. Thank you, Sasha.

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    possibly not enough insulation on that duct run,cooling down as it travels through it, is the room temp much cooler than the rest?
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    You might tell the board whether the temperature in the *room* is OK, or if the low temperature of supply air is leading to a cold room. I am a homeowner too in the Houston region (West of Katy).

    I have learned from experience and study that sometimes a room has a winter heating problem while summer cooling is just fine. If you need more heat then you need more airflow -- I cannot think of anything you can do to affect the temperature in one vent only. But if you add to airflow then you might create a problem with overcooling in summer. With our brief and sporadic Houston winters, it's more difficult to deal with heating problems than in other more predictable regions.

    If you want to, you can email me (address in profile) for the name of companies I have worked with in Houston. Some have strong troubleshooting abilities in their personnel, many local companies do not.

    Best of luck -- Pstu

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    The "room" temp was cold compared to the rest of the house which the system had "heated." The air coming through the vent was only slightly warmer than the "room" temperature and far cooler than the air coming from the vents in the adjacent rooms. I will e-mail for "trouble shooter" recommendations. Many thanks.

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