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    Direct vent Closed combustion Hot air furnace?

    Looking to do a pvc direct vent with closed combustion chamber (LP fired) for some heat in a garage that I rent. Anyone have a decent unit they have used in the past? The size is about 900 square feet.

    But then what do I do about AC? Perhaps a package set up of some sort? I don't know? HELP!!!!!!

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    you will have to keep the temp above 50 or so at all times due to condensation from the heat exchanger, anything that doesn't have louvers on the doors with a good filter installed to keep out dirt and dust would be fine, I prefer Trane myself.

    install a coil and condensing unit too. Or if you get the ok you could get a small package unit and duct it in, but then you don't get the 90+ efficiency.
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