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    have to get a new boiler any recomendations

    Hi ...have to get a new oil boiler, my oil guy recomended a Weil mclain, and another guy recomended a peerless, I have heard that the Weil Mclains have a rubber gasket between the sections that kind of scares me as rubber expends and contracts (a leak) now the peerless has push nipples between the sections( I would think a tighter fit).Please give your recomendations and why. Thanks

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    I have installed both. What size boiler are we talking about and how many sections? Peerless you can save a buck as long as its a Cast iron boiler either would be fine. What burner are they selling you with the two boilers, beckett Carlin or other? I just did a recent install on a one of these guys, without a doubt is the nicest to service, and the quality of Cast iron is the best I have ever seen!

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    We do ALL the installs for SUNOCO and I have seen alot of leaky Weil Mclains,get the PEERLESS with the Reillo burner,NICE set up!!
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    The Peerlwss was w/ beckett burner that was w/tankless hot water/

    The Weil mclain was w/a Carlin burner that was w/an indirect water

    They wanted more for a Buderus
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    First, remove the prices, pricing is not allowed here, its in the rules.

    Second, thats an apples to oranges comparison.
    An indirect water heater cost a lot more then a tankless coil.

    Have the company that quoted the Peerless, requote it with an indirect.

    We install both of those brands. And I've replaced the dang gaskets on Weil's already. Not a fun job.
    But if a section ever cracks, its a lot easier to replace with the seal, then with a push nipple.
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