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Thread: CSST (Wardflex)

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    CSST (Wardflex)

    I am in the process of converting to gas. I need to get gas to my range and dryer and the only way to get their is through the ceiling. The Ceiling joist are going againist the way i have to go so i guess they will have to drill through them. Is this OK? I have had a few estimates and some guys tell me that (CSST) is not safe and is in limbo right now. As of now it is legal in my area. Then another guy who i really like and would like to use says it is safe as long as its done correctly and he says it would be nearly impossible to run reg iron pipe through ceiling joists. Have to go through about 8 of them to get to first to drop a line down for range then to drop a line for dryer. Whats the story with CSST is it safe? Would you guys use it in your house?

    As of now i don't know what to do

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    CSST is safe and legal.
    It must be grounded. Nailor plates must be used on every joist it goes through to protect it from a nail or screw being run into it.
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    We have in our house and use in other jobs. As long as it is done per manufacturer's specifications and to code it is perfectly ok.
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    Cool safe?

    CSST is NOT "safe", nor is anything else in this world. That is a very dangerous word. Now, if you had asked me if properly installed, does CSST represent a reasonable degree of risk from hazards, I would say yes. I prefer it over black iron or copper tubing. It is an engineered, tested, listed product, unlike either of the other two choices. The key, as with anything is proper installation. Get a copy of the manual online and read for yourself. The two biggest faults I see with CSST installations are undersizing, because it comes on long rolls, and lack of support. While it cannot and should not be too rigidly encased, it should not look like a jump rope either. Just a little slack. Also, if he drills joists, make sure they are far enough from the edges. Must be 1 1/2" back but also the bldg codes dictate drilling joists. Usually never more than 1/3rd the total span.

    Make sure it is properly bonded in per the new lightning instructions. Put a shutoff where it ties into the house mains. Try to put sediment traps at each appliance.


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    i'm not sure where you are, but here in the charlotte area of north car. csst must now be bonded to the electrical panel so before you run the csst i would talk to your local code enforcement office and to an electrician to see if any special things or requirements need to be done .hope this helps

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