I'm working on a Crestron automation system in a multi system, 16+ zone home. I need some advice on what to tell the HO, if anything.

I couldn't help but to notice that one of the Amana units introduces a 60F gain in stage 1 when only one zone is calling for heat. Furnace - Amana GUVA090BX50. 3 zones 300 sq ft each (6" walls with foam, $$$ windows). Is that 90,000 BTU? Little oversized?

I left the system running on Stage 1 for only one zone for five minutes, After 2 minutes Return temp 65F, Supply about 120F out of registers. At 5 minutes the AH ramped up and register peaked at 151F, then temp dropped. I didn't observe the furnace up close, but is it safe to say the burners were cut off due to furnace over temp?

Now here's the best part - The stand alone Crestron Thermostat operating the Honeywell 3-zone controllers allows stage 2 heat with only 1 zone open.

There is a barometric bypass, but I think it's safe to say it only delays the furnace overheating by about 5 seconds. A pressure reading would obviously be useful.

Here's my questions:
1. Would it be the zone control system's job to ignore a stage 2 call when only one zone is calling for heat, even if it's a stage 2 call? (The Crestron thermostats generate stage 2 call per setpoint)
2. Any concerns for the size of the furnace for this space ? The ducts are foamed, so there's just about zero losses. Can the short cycling / overheating cause premature equipment failure?

Two licensed HVAC companies have already worked on this. Time to call a 3rd?