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    My folks had a cafe when I was a kid. None of the white people would eat that stuff. But when the neighborhood changed to African American, we started selling a lot of them AND the pig snout sandwiches. I was the only one in the family to try them, and they never let me hear the end of it.

    I vividly recall putting the boiled pig snout between a couple of hamburger buns and taking a bite out of it. It tasted okay, but was very bland. So I took off the top bun to put some mustard on it and saw that nostril with my teeth marks in it and had to run outside and throw up. My mom laughed her A$S off, and told me NEVER to complain about her cooking again, because if I ate that $hit I would eat ANYTHING.
    Now thats funny..........When you think about all the food groups we eat, we have It to good In America, go over seas, then you get a real good Idea of what food Is all about...
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    This is just wrong..........
    It's Time To Be Nice To People

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